Its establishment since1991, PRO DOING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has concentrated on our efforts towards the design and manufacture of equipment for flexible packing bags. Our product range includes laminating, slitting, center-sealing, cutting and pouch-making machines, and so on.

In Modern Ages, due to technological innovation, it has an outstanding performance in this field these days, and the demands of customers become more and more numerous and diverse.

To meet our customers’ needs, we make through many challenges time after time and give our customers the best service. We break the convention of acting as a simple manufacturer, and aim at becoming a multiple-service supplier to be more competitive in the industrial market. For the purpose, we combine all our researching and developing efforts with our professional-training employees to achieve complete and well-integrated management and service.

Pro Doing Industrial Co. is a professional team for bag making machines in industrial manufacture. We have dedicated ourselves to this field for decades. Creation and quality is our spirit, we always appreciate any ideas you can provide that would be helpful to us, and we look forward to having an opportunity to offer you a good service in future.

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